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Forest Stewardship Plan – Update 2019

Notice of Public Viewing

A replacement draft of a Forest Stewardship Plan #422 for the Whistler area Cheakamus Community Forest K3V is available for review by the public from January 23rd to March 27th 2019.

The copy of the draft replacement plan is available at the Whistler Public Library at 4329 Main Street during business hours and here: CCF FSP 2018 Replacement_DRAFT.

FSP Map: FSP Map CCF 2019-2023

A Forest Stewardship Plan addresses the Provincial Forest and Range Practices Act, Part 2: Division 1 and guides all primary forest activities within the Community Forest Tenure for the next 5 years.  While the plan is technical in nature as it addresses the 11 forest values and objectives set by government for the area, the plan also includes the efforts since 2010 to balance forest management with the recreation and conservation priorities of the First Nations and resort community.

For those unable to adequately review this draft plan by these means you can contact Tom Cole RPF 604-932-7616 or

Comments to this draft plan must be received in writing by March 29th 2019 for their consideration by the statutory decision maker. Email

The CCF will hold a Forest Stewardship Plan open house at the Whistler Public Library on February 28 from 2:00 – 5:00 p.m. where the plan and map can be viewed and comments provided to the CCF.


Access Management Plan

The CCF knows that road access and maintenance are important for its operations as well as for public and commercial recreation. It developed a road-based access management plan that describes its approach to road development, maintenance, shared responsibility, recreation access, and improving or limiting access. It also developed 3 maps showing road status, constraints to access and recreation features. Through 2017 – 2018, the CCF met with stakeholders to identify priorities for access and maintenance, and finalized the plan in June 2018. It will be reviewed periodically.

CCF Road-Based Access Management Plan – June 2018

CCF Road Inventory Map_FINAL

CCF Resource Constraints Map

CCF Access Recreation Map

Integrated Resource Mapping Project & Long Term Harvest Planning

The CCF completed its Integrated Resource Mapping Project in 2015. It met with key commercial recreation tenure holders, public recreation and environmental groups, and First Nations to identify areas that should be included in the CCF’s voluntary protection approach called EBM Reserves. These are areas that deserve protection from harvesting based on ecological, recreational or cultural reasons. The CCF held an open house at the Whistler Library on November 25, 2015 to share the results including areas that may be harvested over the next 10 years, special management zones on commercial recreation tenures that will require additional consultation, and the 2016 harvesting plans.

EBM Reserves & 2016 Harvesting Plans


Carbon Emissions Offset Program

The CCF has carbon offsets for sale! With the assistance of Brinkman Climate and Ecotrust Canada, the CCF successfully negotiated an agreement with the province to sell carbon offsets generated by our improved forest management approach.

See Brinkman Climate’s Cheakamus Community Forest carbon offsets brochure:

We’ve sold carbon offsets to a number of BC businesses including VanCity, Tinhorn Creek, Sharp Six Consulting, Ecotrust Canada, Brinkman Climate, Eclipse Awards, Local Practice Architecture, MET Fine Printers and the Resort Municipality of Whistler. Congratulations to our climate leaders!

A carbon offset is an independently verified credit for net greenhouse gas reductions achieved by one party that can be used to compensate (or offset) the emissions of another party. Carbon offsets are typically measured in tonnes of carbon dioxide-equivalents (or CO2e), transacted through carbon registries, and bought and sold for voluntary or regulated emissions reductions.

The carbon offsets generated by the Cheakamus Community Forest project are created by improved forest management actions on the 33,000 hectares it manages. They are quantified with the BC Forest Carbon Offset Protocol, and verified to the BC Emissions Offset Regulation. These actions are guided by the community forest’s Ecosystem Based Management plan, and delivered on the land through reduced harvest volumes, extended harvest rotations, expanded reserves, and protection of old growth forests and other important wildlife habitat. These voluntary actions go above and beyond regulatory requirements.

Cheakamus Community Forest & Province sign Atmospheric Benefits Sharing Agreement as reported in the Whistler Pique Newsmagazine, May 7, 2015: CCF set to sell carbon offsets

Quick Facts:

  • Since 2004, government has signed over 50 community forest agreements with a total allowable annual cut of 1.3 million cubic metres of timber a year.
  • Since 2011, government has signed five atmospheric benefits agreements for Crown forests.
  • The Cheakamus Community Forest atmospheric benefit-sharing agreement is the first to be signed with a B.C. Community Forest.

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Ecotrust Canada:

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