Cheakamus Community Forest Map and Harvest Plans

Cheakamus Community Forest Map and Harvest Plans The Cheakamus Community Forest encompasses more than 30,000 hectares of land surrounding Whistler, BC. Below is a map of the Cheakamus Community Forest.

In 2010, the first of the Cheakamus Community Forest timber was harvested. In 2011, approximately 18,000 m3 were harvested. For 2012, four areas were proposed but due to market conditions, only one site was harvested of approximately 7,000 m3. Markets began improving in 2013  and 23,280.5 m3 were harvested, and in 2014, 21,872 m3 were harvested.

To see where the timber is proposed to be harvested in 2015, please click on one the map links below.

Click here for harvesting plans from previous years.

Maps and Information About 2015 Harvest Sites:

Rainbow04 Openings A, B (Ro4 on Key Map), 1040m3, 45-80 year old forest, 2 openings: 1.0 and 2.6 hectares, low and high retention. Requires BC Hydro participation to re-open the road.


Brew01 Openings J, K, L (B01 on Key Map), 4800m3, old forest, 3 openings: 1.0, 2.7 and 3.3 ha low-moderate retention.

Brew01 Openings J, K, L

CallaghanA01 Openings A, E, G (A01 on Key Map), Cultural Management Area, 3800m3, old forest, 11 low retention openings <1 ha between road systems.

Cal – A01 Openings A, E, G

CallaghanA01 Openings Q, R (A01 Q, R on Key Map), Cultural Management Area, 3150m3, old forest, 2 moderate retention openings of 1.8 and 4.5 ha

Cal A01 Openings Q, R

Wedge02 Openings B, C, D (Wedge02 on Key Map), 3250m3, harvesting and clearing of penstock route is subject to Wedge Creek run-of-river project commencement. 2 openings of moderate retention and 1 opening of high retention.

Wedge02 Openings B, C, D

Wedge08 Openings Cii – Cvii (W08 on Key Map), 5220 m3, 6 moderate retention openings ranging from 0.9 ha to 4.6 ha

Wedge 08 Openings Cii-vii

2015 Road Construction Plan for 2016 Logging Areas

Powder07 (P07 on Key Map)  5 openings from 1,8 ha to 4.1 ha of low-moderate retention. Road upgrade started in 2014 to 3km of existing Dority Main, through old mine site and using old felled right of way. Harvesting would take place over 2 or more years once road sytem established.


Landscape Level Firesmart Planning Areas

Rainbow05 (R05 on Key Map). Lower Callaghan gravel forest service road. 3 hectares completed in 2014 with 6 ha remaining (subject to RMOW wildfire management priorities).


Rainbow04 (R04 on Key Map). South of Function Junction above highway. Fuel modification area as designed in Forest Stewardship Plan. 4.2 ha mechanized thinning with 13.9 ha of hand pruning and burning onsite. (subject to RMOW wildfire management priorities and BC Hydro participating in re-opening the access road).

Rainbow04 Fuel Management

Maps and Information About 2014 Harvest Sites:

Rainbow04 (R04 on Compartment Area Key Map), 1042m3, mature forest, 2 openings of 2.6ha and 1.0ha, low retention.

Rainbow04 2014

Brew02 (B02 on Key Map), 1100m3, mature forest, 1 opening of 4.2ha, low retention

Brew02 Harvesting Plan Map 2014

Brew01 (B01 on Key Map), 3850m3, Old forest, 4 openings ranging from 1.1 to 4.4ha, low and moderate retention (single entry).

Brew01 Harvesting Plan Map 2014

CMA-A01  6496m3, old forest, 6 openings ranging from 1.6 to 10.9ha, variable retention with internal reserve timber and future harvest potential.

CMA-A01 Harvesting Plan Map 2014

CMA-A01 (Strip cable logging)  3300m3, old forest, logging 4 strips at 1.5ha each between Branch E5 and Forester’s Main road.

CMA-A01 Strip Cable Logging

Wedge02 ((W02 on Key Map)  2068m3, mature and old forest, 2 openings of 6.2ha and 4.8ha. Moderate and high retention.

Wedge02 Harvesting Plan Map 2014

Wedge08 (W08 on Key Map)  4840m3, mature forest, rights of way and various clearing for Independent Power  Project.

Wedge08 Harvesting Plan Map 2014

Powder07 (Po7 on Key Map)  Road Construction in preparation for 2015 logging. Will provide access to 10 openings ranging from 1.6 to 6.8ha. Low retention, single entry; and moderate patch retention with 2 pass entry.

Powder07 Dority Main

Powder07 Dority Main Map 2

Powder07 Dority Main Map 3

Maps and Information About 2013 Harvest Sites:

Fee03 (F03 on Harvesting Location Map), 7882 m3, (25 openings ranging from 0.1 to 1.4 hectares (ha), low retention, multiple entry shelterwood)

Fee03 Harvesting Plan Map April 2013

Brew03 (B03 on Harvesting Location Map), 5635 m3, 7 openings ranging from 0.5 to 5.1 hectares, Low retention with moderate to high retention in Riparian Management Zones, single entry)

Brew03 Harvesting Map April 2013

Powder07 (P07 on Harvesting Location Map), Road construction in 2013, harvesting in 2014

Powder07 Planning Map

Rainbow04 (R04 on Harvesting Location Map), 1880 m3, 3 openings ranging from 1.0 to 4.2 hectares, wildfire management focus

Rainbow04 Harvesting Plan Map April 2013

Wedge Creek (Wedge02 on Harvesting Location Map) 1,235 m3, Access 5 ha of second growth areas with ground based equipment above powerline along existing access and construct branch roads for future cable harvesting.

Wedge02 Harvesting Plan Map April 2013

Callaghan Cultural Management Area A01 (CMA-A01 on Harvesting Location Map) 6,759 m3, Mid elevation ridge above old timber licence area, borders Cultural Management Area.

Callaghan CMA – A01 Harvesting Plan Map April 2013

2013 Small Scale Logging & Salvage Plans

Powder01 (P01) 785 m3, Complete access loop trail and recover volume to offset and construct permanent culvert. Mature forest, partially harvested in 1920s.

Powder01 Small Scale Logging April 2013

Wedge01 (W01) 600 m3, Two areas (0.6 ha and 1.5 ha) left from 2011 harvest will be made available for high retention harvesting.

Wedge01 Small Scale Harvesting April 2013

 Brew01 (B02) Logged in 2002. Recover downed wood and cedar products only.

Brew01Small Scale Harvesting April 2013

Road and Bridge Atlas Map 2013

Road locations and responsibilities.

CCF Road Atlas and Bridge Map 2013-03-11